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Dental Implant Procedure

+ Pinning & Tomography

+ Implant Fixture

+ Specific Case

   Normal Bonegraft, Sinus-

   lift, PRF, Ridge Split, Auto-

   graft. Graft Materials etc.


Pre-Treatment One Day Procedure


+ Treatment Plan

+ Price Breakdown

+ Payment Plan

+ Appointment for Surgery

+ Prescription

+ 10% Deposit Payment

Initial Exam

3D CT Scan

+ Medical History

+ Basic Visual EXAM

+ Bite Check

+ Q & A

+ 3D Color Cephalometry

+ Panoramic View

+ Tangential View

+ Cross Sectional View

+ Axial(Above) View


+ Bone Depth,Width,Hight

+ Bone Density,Shape,Angle

+ Gum,Sinus,Nerve Trace

+ Implant 3D Simulation


Implant Surgery

Implant Treatment Procedure

Healing Cap

+ Only For Incision Surgery

+ Two Weeks From Surgery

+ Not required For Flapless

+ Six Weeks From Surgery

+ Free EXAM & X-Ray

+ Fee Will Be Charged If

   3D CT Scan is required

+ Only If Not Done During

   The Surgery

+ Lower Case

  2~4 Months From Surgery

+ Upper Case

  4~6 Months From Surgery

Stitch Out

Recall EXAM


+ Lower Case

  3~4 Months From Surgery

+ Upper Case

  5~6 Months From Surgery

+ Gingival Graft

+ Abutment Customizing

+ Crown Design & Setting

+ Bite Adjustment

+ 2Years Warranty Is Applied

   From Surgery

+ Every Six Months From

   Crown Completion(3Times)

+ Free Implant Check-Up

+ Teeth Cleaning

+ X-Ray,Cleaning Fee

   Will Be Extra Charged

Aftercare EXAM

**Smile Well Dental Implant had been stating our detailed price here for reference, but there is no more information available due to the restriction of CDSBC's 'bylaw 12'. If you need further information, Please don't hesitate to contact us as below.
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